Posting updates through Mirador Local

Mirador Local’s GBP posting tool helps you effortlessly create Google Posts.

Seamlessly share the latest news, events, and special offers with your audience, whether you're targeting a single location or your entire portfolio.

Mirador Local Posts Features

Post updates to one, some or all of your locations  

Avoid the toil of manually copying and pasting the same post to every single location by effortlessly posting in bulk using our all-in-one GBP management system.

Mirador Local brings all your GBPs under one umbrella so you can update them all in one go or select specific ones.

Whether you're broadcasting a new blog, promoting an upcoming event, or highlighting exclusive offers, our tool allows you to effortlessly post updates across one, several, or all of your locations simultaneously.
Include High quality Photos

Post photos, offers and more

Track daily visibility across all devices, ensuring you can see what works when optimising.

UTM Parameters

Add UTM parameters to your posts

Elevate your tracking precision by adding UTM parameters to your posts, ensuring every click contributes to insightful analytics.

Plan for the Future  

Schedule Posts & Updates in advance

Choose which locations and schedule in special offers, updates for specific times days, weeks or months in advance.

Special Offer Posts

Use special offers to drive revenue

Leverage special offers to boost revenue and gain insights with an analytics dashboard that tracks visibility, ensuring your promotions are seen and effective.

Looker Studio Connector

Integrate your data into Looker Studio  

Improve your Looker Studio dashboards by integrating Google Business Profile data from your Mirador Local accounts, allowing for detailed comparisons by group, region, and more.

This seamless integration brings in key performance metrics and enables the inclusion of profile images, enriching your reports with a comprehensive view of your digital footprint.

A comprehensive solution for Google Business Profile posts

Google Business Profile (GBP) posts are an easy and often overlooked online marketing opportunity to connect with existing and potential customers. However, this feature can be problematic for multi-location businesses who need to publish relevant information en masse regularly.

Mirador Local’s GBP posting tool helps you effortlessly create and share events, new products, special offers, and updates in bulk. By regularly sharing up-to-date information, whether that’s posting about your holiday opening times or an astounding Black Friday deal at your pet-friendly hotel, you enhance your local SEO efforts. Our powerful GBP posting tool enables you to schedule posts for multiple locations, create recurring content, maintain a consistent profile, and eliminate the need for manual posting.

By engaging with this feature, you show your listing is active to Google, increasing your chances of appearing in the top three positions of the “local pack” rankings. Equally (if not more) crucial is it offers a way for your business to display easily accessible messages to search users for free. This improves the customer experience while giving you a prime opportunity to capture views, clicks, and customers.

Insights into your data


Boost your audience's experience with compelling GBP content and entice them to interact with your business.