Bulk updates

Streamline your management and boost efficiency with bulk updating of Google Business Profiles. Effortlessly implement simultaneous changes across multiple locations, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

This time-saving feature is perfect for staff managing numerous businesses, leading to improved operational efficiency and elevated customer satisfaction.
Bulk Update Features

Easily update opening times, contact details, and Google's recommendations

Guarantee accurate location details, from valid links to precise contact information, and avoid 'opening hours may be incorrect' warnings, ensuring your customers have the confidence to visit.

Update all the fields

Update 'Everything'

See insights into user engagement and behaviour, optimising reach and improving decision-making for targeted marketing strategies.

UTM Parameters

Integrate into GA4 & analytics solutions

Integrate Mirador Local with GA4 to unlock advanced analytics so all website links are tracked

Powerful Groups

Flexible Grouping

Locations can be in multiple groups at once, this can be used for reporting, analysis as well as bulk updating.

Avoid Hours may be incorrect

Ensure accuracy of your Opening Times

Ensure trust in your listings, when Google shows green 'Open' it is more likely to drive the footfall your business wants, by regularly updating and maintaining the right opening hours you avoid conflicting messaging.

Looker Studio Connector

Integrate your data into Looker Studio  

Elevate your data management in Looker Studio by integrating comprehensive datasets. This integration allows for efficient and large-scale data manipulation, enabling insightful analysis and strategic decision-making.
Insights into your data


Boost your audience's experience with compelling GBP content and entice them to interact with your business.