GBP questions & answers

Since 2017, answering questions in your business listing has been crucial. It helps keep your information accurate and protects your reputation, as these questions appear prominently in the knowledge panel for local businesses.

Mirador Features for Question and answers

Q&A management  

Templates, sorting, and filtering help your team quickly answer unanswered questions. This shows potential clients, customers, or users that you've addressed common concerns, ensuring your answers are seen first before anyone else shares their opinions.

Rapid Reply

Use configured templates

Reply to common questions across multiple locations with configured templates and easy to use variables such as 'first name'.

UTM Parameters

Integrate into GA4 & analytics solutions

Automatically add configurable UTM parameters to all locations and posts for clearer attribution

User Generated Replies

Risk of misinformation

Ensure information accuracy in all aspects of your profile.

Calls & Directions

Filters and search

Mirador Local allows you to see important details about your Google Business Profiles that analytics usually miss, like how many people click to call or ask for directions from search results and maps. You can also make comparisons between different groups.

Brand reputation and information Management

Questions & answers are crowd sourced

Google Business Profiles crowd sources information to improve listings. If the owner doesn't answer important questions, then you lose control over your brand. For example, Local Guides could suggest competitors or provide incorrect information.

Insights into your data


Boost your audience's experience with compelling GBP content and entice them to interact with your business.