Optimise your local SEO strategy with local rank tracker insights

Understanding and optimising your digital footprint is key in local SEO. At Mirador Local, we
provide cutting-edge analytics that empower data-driven decision-makers to unlock the full
potential of their local SEO strategies.

By leveraging insights from our local rank tracker and Google Business Profile reporting tools,
users can significantly improve their visibility and engagement in the local digital marketplace.

Analytics Features

Advanced analytics for comprehensive insights

Mirador Local allows you to monitor key metrics like interactions, directions, calls, and reviews to fine-tune your strategy and elevate your local engagement.


Monitoring key performance metrics

Mirador Local analyses key performance metrics such as interactions, directions, calls, and reviews. These metrics are crucial for businesses to understand customer engagement and refine their local SEO strategies. By tracking these interactions, businesses can identify areas for improvement and leverage opportunities to enhance their local presence.


Cross-platform visibility

In today's multi-device world, tracking visibility across mobile, apps, and desktops is essential. Mirador Local offers unparalleled insights into brand visibility across various platforms, ensuring every impression is captured. This comprehensive view enables businesses to fine-tune their digital strategy and maximise engagement across all touchpoints.

Integrating with analytics solutions


Seamless GA4 integration

Our analytics seamlessly integrate with GA4 and other analytics platforms, providing a holistic view of your digital performance. This integration simplifies the process of analysing Google Business data and Google Business analytics, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on comprehensive data.


Looker Studio for deeper analysis

Integrating Mirador Local data into Looker Studio improves reporting and analysis capabilities. By leveraging this data, businesses can gain deeper insights into their performance, supporting strategic decisions that drive growth and improve local SEO outcomes.

Optimising your digital strategy


Actionable insights for growth

Insights from Mirador Local drive business growth and engagement by providing actionable information that used to enhance local SEO strategies. These insights enable businesses to effectively target their efforts, resulting in better performance and increased ROI.


Leveraging data for optimisation

Businesses can use analytics data from Mirador Local to refine and improve their digital marketing efforts. This data-driven optimisation approach ensures that strategies are aligned with customer behaviour and market trends, leading to increased visibility and engagement.

Getting started with Mirador Local analytics

Setting up your analytics dashboard with Mirador Local is straightforward. Our intuitive interface enables users to easily navigate and access the data they need to monitor performance and make strategic decisions.

Mirador Local is committed to helping businesses optimise their local SEO strategies through advanced analytics. By tracking Google Business Profile performance across locations and integrating data for comprehensive analysis, we provide the insights necessary for businesses to thrive in the local digital landscape. To learn more about how our tools can support your business, book a demo today.

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Insights into your data


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