Measure, analyse, and grow with Mirador Local

Mirador Local tackles the challenge of tracking your Google Business Profiles' performance across all locations.

Dive into intuitive dashboards and export data seamlessly to your systems for a comprehensive understanding of your digital footprint.

Analytics Features

Track, analyse and optimise local

Mirador Local allows you to monitor key metrics like interactions, directions, calls, and reviews to fine-tune your strategy and elevate your local engagement.


Track impressions across mobile, apps and desktops

Monitor your brand's visibility across mobile, apps, and desktop platforms, capturing every impression to fine-tune your digital strategy and maximise engagement.

UTM Parameters

Integrate into GA4 & analytics solutions

Seamlessly integrate your data with GA4 and other leading analytics solutions, unlocking a holistic view of your performance.


Track reviews & Q&A

Monitor feedback effortlessly with Mirador Local's review and Q&A tracking feature, keeping you in tune with customer sentiments and inquiries across all your locations.

Calls & Directions

Track metrics not in web analytics

Go beyond traditional web analytics with Mirador Local by tracking unique metrics that offer deeper insights into your business's online performance. Uncover valuable data not typically available in standard analytics tools to refine your strategy.

Looker Studio Connector

Integrate your data into Looker Studio  

Improve your data analysis and reporting capabilities in Looker Studio by incorporating Google Business Profile data from Mirador Local.

This integration supports granular comparisons across groups and regions, enriching your dashboards with essential performance metrics.

Insights into your data


Boost your audience's experience with compelling GBP content and entice them to interact with your business.