Elevate your reputation with expert Google review management

Local businesses thrive on visibility, and nothing boosts online presence and brand perception like Google reviews. Positive reviews significantly improve a business's visibility, influencing customer trust and decision-making.

For businesses aiming to climb the local search engine results, effectively managing these reviews is now a cornerstone of an effective local SEO strategy. It's not just about collecting positive reviews, but responding to and engaging with customer feedback to foster a positive brand image.

Mirador Local is leading the revolution in Google review management, offering sophisticated tools to streamline the process. With unique features that simplify the collection, monitoring, and responses, Mirador Local distinguishes itself by making it easier for businesses to maintain a positive online presence and actively engage with customers.
Review Features

Harness the power of reviews for local SEO

Google reviews are more than just feedback — they are integral to local search engine optimisation. Each review is a testament to your business's credibility, influencing potential customers and enhancing your search engine ranking.

'Mirador Local understands the dual impact of reviews on both brand reputation and local SEO. Our online review platform empowers businesses to actively engage with their Google reviews, transforming feedback into a strategic asset.

Centralised review management dashboard

Imagine having all your reviews in one place, accessible and manageable, with just a few clicks. Mirador Local makes this a reality through a centralised review management dashboard. 

Our Google review management software simplifies interaction with customer feedback, making monitoring, responding to, and analysing reviews from various platforms easier.

Responding effectively with custom templates

Navigating online feedback requires more than observation — it requires active engagement. Mirador Local equips businesses with the tools to manage Google reviews effectively, transforming every piece of feedback into an opportunity for growth. 


Personalised responses for positive feedback

Positive reviews are a goldmine for building customer trust and loyalty. Mirador Local’s custom templates enable businesses to craft personalised responses that resonate with customers, improving satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.


Addressing negative feedback constructively

When managed correctly, negative reviews offer a unique opportunity to demonstrate commitment to customer satisfaction. Mirador Local provides templates for constructive responses that address concerns, resolve issues, and turn detractors into promoters.

Empower your team with collaborative tools

Our suite of collaborative tools elevates business review management to a new level. It allows entire teams — from customer service to marketing — to unite to improve the company’s online reputation and customer relations. 


Unlimited user access

With Mirador Local, collaboration knows no bounds. Our platform supports unlimited user access, allowing entire teams to contribute to review management efforts seamlessly.


Real-time review notifications

Stay informed and responsive with real-time notifications. Mirador Local ensures you're always aware of new reviews, enabling prompt and effective responses that keep you ahead in the conversation.

Advanced analytics for strategic insights

Our online review management software transforms advanced analytics into a strategic asset. It offers detailed analysis for making smarter, data-driven decisions in review management.


Comprehensive review tracking

Tracking reviews across platforms can be overwhelming. Mirador Local simplifies this process with advanced analytics, offering comprehensive insights into review volume, scores, and response rates.


Integration with Looker Studio

For businesses seeking deeper analysis, Mirador Local’s integration with Looker Studio enhances review management with detailed performance metrics and comparisons across different groups and regions.

Streamline review management across platforms

Mirador Local simplifies the complex task of managing reviews across different platforms. Our tools streamline review management, ensuring a consistent and professional approach to feedback across the web.

Improve customer satisfaction and SEO with Mirador Local

At the heart of effective local SEO is the customer experience. By managing Google reviews with Mirador Local, businesses not only boost their search engine rankings but also significantly improve customer satisfaction."

Our platform empowers businesses to take control of their online reputation, leveraging reviews to drive growth and success.

Encourage your team to discover our products and utilise our analytics to understand how reviews can transform your local SEO efforts. 

Book a demo today to see our tools in action and learn how we tailor them to your business’s needs.

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