Looker Studio for Mirador

Connect Mirador Local data and your Google Business Profile data with Google Looker Studio, for customers of Mirador Local just connect with your API key and you can create a report featuring key metrics from your account.

Looker Studio connector for Mirador Local

Create Custom Dashboards

Visualize the impact of your online presence with metrics such as impressions, clicks, and directions received on your Google Business Profile. Monitor online reviews, customer feedback, and profile performance through the user-friendly interface of Google Data Studio. Dive deeper into data exploration with the analytical prowess of Google Looker Studio.

Impressions & Clicks

Track key metrics

Combine or track separately key metrics important to your brand across maps, desktop and mobile.

Images & Maps

Geo & Image Data

Plot on a map, or use profile image data to enhance reports

Available to All

All Mirador Accounts have access

API key available in all accounts

Shareable Reports

Google Docs style Sharing

You can choose who in your organisation has access to the report in the same way you can share a Google Sheet or document.

Calculated Fields and Data Combinations

Looker Studio allows you to combine any other data with 900+ connectors, it is likely you can find other data sources that can integrate into your reports (including Google Analytics and Search Console data.

Insights into your data


Boost your audience's experience with compelling GBP content and entice them to interact with your business.