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Google Business Profile Listing Data Management

Manage GBP Listings From a Single Dashboard


Our user-friendly dashboard manages opening hours, special hours, user reviews, questions, and photo uploads for all your locations — providing scalability and efficiency.

What Does an Effective Google Business Profile Dashboard Look Like?


Our user-friendly dashboard saves time and helps you manage multiple Google Business Profile locations easily. We created a checklist below highlighting an effective dashboard's essential elements.

Google Business Profile Dashboard Hygiene Checklist:

  • Sectors: Sectors are groups of Google Business Profile accounts, such as brands. When you first log in to Mirador, you will be prompted to create your first Sector.

  • Groups: Groups are groups of locations/sites. Grouping these locations allows you to make one change that affects everything in a group in one action.

  • Posts: Posts create a new post to a group or set of groups. You can either post immediately or schedule it for any future date.

  • Locations: Locations can be filtered or edited in bulk or individually. Posts can also be published for individual locations.

  • Interactions: Interaction includes reviews, questions, and templates. Reviews and questions can be answered by free type or using templates.

  • Audit Log: The audit log lists all the changes made to check what has been actioned.

Manage Your Opening and Special Hours

Google does not allow you to make changes in bulk for all locations. However, our tool enables you to manage Google listings for businesses with multiple locations to efficiently update your openings for holidays and special events across all locations.

Manage Your Reviews and Questions

Businesses can now manage user interactions with the help of Mirador. Both reviews and questions are filtered and can be answered manually or by setting up a template. Responding to reviews and questions is necessary as it improves user engagement and enables businesses to boost performance.

Manage Your Photo Uploads

Managing photos uploaded by businesses and consumers is essential to build a company's brand image. Our tool allows you to post pictures in bulk for all locations or individual ones. You can also reject other unwelcome, incorrect changes.

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