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Google Business Profile Listing Data Management

Have you ever wondered how important the information box on the right-hand side of the Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs) is? Based on organic ranking factors and the business Google deems to be the “best match”, it’s a free, easy-to-use tool that enables local businesses to get discovered by potential customers.

Appearing in this organic section of the SERPs will result from direct searches for your company name, and how your Google Business Profile (GBP) is optimised to the local search algorithm.

The proximity, relevance, and prominence of your business are all vital in helping the search engine deliver the most relevant content. However, you must also play your part by ensuring your GBP is updated with accurate and complete information.

Google favours businesses regularly investing time in their GBP. Customers need to build trust in your brand, so failing to update your opening hours and respond to customer reviews can harm your local online visibility and reputation.

For businesses and franchises operating out of multiple locations, Google business management can be time-consuming. That’s why you should try Mirador Local. Discover how we can provide you with an operationally efficient and scalable GBP management service.

How Mirador Works

Rather than manually editing each Google Business Profile, our single, user-friendly dashboard enables you to manage business information across all your locations seamlessly. With pricing plans to suit organisations with up to 300 locations, you can ensure your business is consistently represented across all your sites. 


From setting holiday hours to maximising your business descriptions to include informative, keyword-rich information, our intuitive dashboard is a lifesaver for keeping each of your unique business locations organised and updated. 


Don’t worry — you won’t be left to fight on your own for those higher rankings on the local search pages. We want you to get maximum value from Mirador’s local SEO software, so let’s glimpse into how it works.

With a single dashboard for efficiently managing and updating all your GBPs in one fell swoop, local business owners and marketing managers can streamline their GBP management.

Less time is needed to ensure your local listings are optimised and visible to potential customers. You can focus on what you do best — running your business.

Streamline your GBP management

Groups of GBP accounts are known as sectors. They are typically used by brands and franchise businesses. On your initial login to Mirador, you'll be guided through the process of creating your first sector.  

Create your sectors

Organise your locations or sites into groups to manage them collectively. This allows for bulk changes and categorisation to structure your workflow.

Group your locations

Key Features

All your locations in one place

To get you up and running, Google has a bulk uploading system to create GBPs for each of your separate locations. Mirador Local’s software can then maintain each GMB profile by managing all your locations under one umbrella.

Bulk edit or focus on invidual locations

You can edit your locations in bulk or individually, and even set up a filter to display only specific locations in the dashboard. Posts can also be published for individual locations — for example, if one or a selected number of your stores have a special promotion on.

Free type or templates

Respond to your Google Business reviews and customer questions in a timely manner with our custom templates. You can also use freeform interactions so each query and review has a bespoke and more personalised response.

Manage opening and special hours

Easily update your opening and closing times and add special holiday hours and events ahead of schedule so customers aren’t disappointed. Posting and regularly monitoring the hours of operation listed across your locations enables you to meet customer expectations. If they can reach you, visit you, and buy from you during the hours listed on your GBP, it shows you are a credible enterprise.

Review management

Mirador Local allows businesses to effectively oversee all user interactions from one dashboard to make informed decisions. Positive and negative reviews are intelligently filtered, allowing you to respond promptly to show you value customer opinions. Reply to reviews manually or through predefined templates to bolster your online reputation and gain an understanding of your customer’s pain points.

Google favours brands that engage with and respond to enquiries and reviews, showing you are active and care about your customer’s experience. By proficiently managing your reviews, you can improve your local search performance, and even qualify for certain search terms.

Engage with your audience through Q&A

From accessibility and parking to product queries and promotions, connect with your audience by providing them with helpful information easily and quickly. Use the Mirador dashboard to answer important FAQs on your local business and demonstrate high-level local knowledge.

Apply a filter to tend to questions that might otherwise have been left unanswered and regularly check the Q&A feature to stifle potential brand damage from inappropriate questions and answers. Use user-generated content to discover additional content opportunities for your GBP, website, and social accounts. Customers ask these questions to determine if your business is what they need, so it’s crucial to maintain and manage it regularly.

Track every change in detail

Mirador Local’s robust audit trail enables you to track a history of changes to your GBPs. If necessary, you can revert them to a previous state in case of a bulk error update or security breach. Audit log insights help you notice and fix errors, identify trends, and interpret customer behaviour in your local area.

Fuel your brand with photo uploads

Efficiently upload photos across all your locations or to specific sites to enhance your brand awareness and help customers visualise your local business before they visit.

High-quality, optimised photos that companies and their consumers regularly upload can help you feature among the leading lights on Google and Google Maps. Whether it’s your shop front, store aisles, products, services, or staff photos, we can help make every one of your stores attractive to its surrounding community.

Benefits, not just features

If you need help organising all the locations across your GBP listings, Mirador Local could be right up your street. Put yourself in the eyeline of potential customers with our all-in-one GBP management system.

Mirador Local is a cost-effective way for multiple-location businesses to manage their GBPs from a single dashboard. The benefits of using us for your Google Business management include:

  • saving you time and money by being able to update locations in bulk

  • ensuring your brand is represented consistently across the board

  • easily maintaining up-to-date contact details and office hours

  • managing and responding to all your reviews (including negative ones) and resolving any issues that arise

  • easily upload optimised and unique images for each business location.

By giving you the tools to implement best practices across your sites, you’ll look professional and increase your local customer engagement and the visibility of your locations online.

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