Local SEO software for agencies

Mirador Local is an innovative SEO tool for agencies, packed with comprehensive features designed to improve clients' online visibility and engagement, ensuring they stand out in local search results.

Why agencies need Mirador Local

Master local SEO for clients

When it comes to local SEO for agencies, it extends beyond visibility — it's about ensuring the right local audience discovers them at the perfect moment.

Mirador Local is an essential tool, providing a comprehensive solution that boosts local search rankings and increases visibility across different locations.

Streamline GBP management

Managing Google Business Profiles (GBPs) can be labour-intensive, especially when dealing with many clients across various industries.

Mirador Local simplifies this process through centralised control, allowing seamless updates, monitoring, and optimisation. This system saves valuable time and significantly increases operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Core features for agency success

Mirador Local's core features redefine agency success, offering cutting-edge solutions that streamline operations, improve client satisfaction, and drive tangible results.

Bulk updates across client accounts

Mirador Local's bulk update feature is a game-changer for agencies. It allows for simultaneous managing multiple GBPs, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all listings — crucial for maintaining up-to-date information and improving local search visibility.

Deep dive with analytics

With Mirador Local's analytics, agencies gain deep insights into performance metrics and customer behaviour. This data is instrumental in strategising and refining SEO tactics and reporting progress to clients. It's about making informed decisions that lead to measurable improvements.

Centralised review management

Reputation is everything in the digital world. Mirador Local's centralised dashboard for review management empowers agencies to monitor and respond to reviews across all client profiles efficiently. This proactive approach to reputation management can significantly enhance online presence and customer trust.

Improving client visibility and engagement

Boosting search visibility

Mirador Local's comprehensive suite of features works synergistically to elevate clients' positions in local search results. From optimised GBPs to strategic review management, each element improves visibility and works to improve visibility and attract relevant audiences.

Engaging with local communities

Engagement goes beyond visibility. It's about creating connections and fostering relationships with the local community. Mirador Local facilitates this through GBP posts and review interactions, enabling businesses to engage with their audience meaningfully.

Scalability for growing agencies

Effortless scaling with Mirador Local

As agencies grow, so do their needs and challenges. Mirador Local is built to scale, offering flexible solutions catering to expanding client lists and evolving digital strategies. This scalability ensures agencies continue to deliver exceptional service without compromise.

Training and support for agency teams

Mirador Local stands by agencies every step of the way, offering comprehensive training and support. This ensures that agency teams are fully equipped to leverage the platform's full potential, enhancing their offerings and driving success for clients.

Getting started with Mirador Local

Starting with Mirador Local is straightforward, thanks to its intuitive design and personalised onboarding process. Agencies can quickly integrate the platform into their operations, benefiting from its powerful features from day one.

Every agency has its unique set of challenges and requirements. We offer customisable solutions that adapt to specific needs, ensuring that every agency optimises its local SEO efforts effectively.

Start leveraging Mirador Local today to transform your local SEO strategy and scale your agency to new heights. Explore our features and how we can support your growth by booking a demo today.

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