How to remove Google reviews

Natalya Stecko
March 27, 2024

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How to remove Google reviews
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In the search for trustworthy businesses, personal recommendations from family and friends typically take priority. When these aren’t available, online reviews — particularly Google reviews — emerge as the next reliable source for informed decision-making.

Reviews are key in showcasing your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). They're essential for establishing trust in your brand and are significant across the digital and real world.

Negative reviews might be unwelcome, but it's unwise to try removing them all. Instead, prioritise the removal of reviews that blatantly violate guidelines. This includes reviews that mislead by inaccurately portraying your brand — positively or negatively — and those that contain inappropriate content.

Let’s explore the impact of negative Google reviews on your business and outline the process of effectively removing them from your Google Business Profile.

The impact of negative Google reviews

Negative Google reviews, while often perceived as detrimental, can have diverse impacts on businesses. Maintaining an online presence is crucial, and reviews significantly influence public perception.

Unenthusiastic feedback may initially appear harmful, potentially deterring prospective customers and tarnishing a business's reputation. However, it also provides a unique opportunity for evolution and refinement.

When businesses respond to negative reviews constructively and empathetically, they demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction and an openness to feedback. This responsiveness can enhance a business's credibility and convert dissatisfied customers into loyal ones.

The presence of positive and negative Google reviews adds depth and authenticity to a business's online profile. A flawless rating can sometimes trigger scepticism, as customers seek honest and balanced perspectives, but negative reviews alongside positive ones provide a realistic reflection of a business.

Examples of inappropriate Google reviews

While many forms of unacceptable review behaviour exist, it’s essential to highlight some key examples.


Doxxing is a serious concern with online reviews, involving the unauthorised disclosure of personal information like home addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses.

This practice violates Google's review policies, posing substantial threats to privacy and safety. Businesses must remain vigilant and promptly report any instances of doxxing to safeguard the security and well-being of the affected individuals.

Inaccurate reviews

Posting inaccurate feedback, especially when the reviewer hasn't experienced the service firsthand, undermines the integrity of Google reviews. Misleading reviews deceive potential customers and unjustly damage businesses. Instead, reviews need to reflect genuine experiences to maintain trust and reliability.

For instance, this reviewer provided inaccurate feedback for a place they hadn't recently visited:


The same reviewer posted more reviews of places they didn’t visit:


Removing unfair reviews, like the ones mentioned, is crucial in ensuring business impartiality.

Despite its iconic status, the Eiffel Tower regularly receives nonsensical reviews unrelated to genuine experiences, underscoring the necessity for review authenticity and accuracy.

Hate speech and discriminatory language

Hate speech and discriminatory language within reviews is profoundly harmful and inappropriate. These reviews misuse the platform to spread negativity and prejudice based on personal attributes like race, gender, and religion.

This behaviour directly contradicts the purpose of providing constructive feedback about a business or service, fostering a hostile environment while unfairly misrepresenting the business.

In many instances, Google may not automatically remove these reviews, necessitating manual reporting for identification. If users or business owners encounter reviews containing hate speech or discriminatory remarks, they must report these to Google.

Can you remove Google reviews?

Genuine reviews are valuable, but problems arise when reviews are fake, inaccurate, or spammy. Sometimes, reviews are automatically removed, or you can request a manual review by a Google reviewer.

If you want a review removed, flagging it through a computer is typically more effective than a mobile device.

There are a couple of methods to report a review, which we’ll explore shortly. If Google doesn’t initially remove a review, you can request a one-time second review.

Review removal can be swift so requesting deletion is worthwhile if you encounter reviews that seem unjust or violate Google's terms and conditions.

Google removing reviews automatically

Google is now actively and automatically removing reviews that violate its policies, particularly those containing personal attacks.

With this in mind, refrain from including personal details or insults when you write a review or respond to one. By adhering to the guidelines, you contribute to maintaining the respectfulness and privacy of Google reviews.

For instance, here’s a review that Google automatically removed:


How to remove Google reviews

Report all inappropriate reviews of your business. Whether they mention specific employees, contain inappropriate content, or appear suspicious, don’t hesitate to take action to have them removed. Proactively managing these reviews should be an integral part of your local strategy.

Flag the review as inappropriate

To flag a review as inappropriate, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Google Business Profile account.
  2. Navigate to the Reviews section.
  3. Locate the review you wish to report and click on the three dots next to it.
  4. Select the option to flag the review as inappropriate.

Report the review to Google

To report a review to Google, take these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Google Business Profile Help Center.
  2. From the categories, select "Customer reviews and photos".
  3. Choose "Manage customer reviews", then proceed to "Inappropriate reviews".
  4. Follow the prompts provided, offering details about the review.
  5. Submit your request for review removal.

Respond professionally

In the meantime, respond professionally to the negative review. Address any specific concerns mentioned and showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction. This approach demonstrates your dedication to improving the customer experience, reassuring your clientele that their feedback is valued and taken seriously.

Monitor and document

Enhance your online reputation management by monitoring your reviews consistently. Regularly checking your reviews is essential to promptly identify suspicious activity, like spam or inappropriate content.

Documenting evidence to support your case against illegitimate reviews is crucial. This might involve capturing screenshots, noting URLs, or gathering other relevant information.

Maintaining thorough documentation will give you a stronger case when reporting reviews deemed spam or inauthentic, ensuring a more effective resolution.

Contact Google Business Support

For persistent issues with a review, consider contacting Google Business Support. Start by visiting the Google Business Help Center and accessing the "Contact Us” section.

Next, select "Need more help" and choose the most appropriate method to reach Google’s support team. This direct approach can be particularly beneficial for resolving ongoing challenges.

Legal action

In extreme cases where false and defamatory content is posted, pursuing legal action may be necessary. Consulting with a legal professional can assist in navigating your options in these circumstances.

However, legal proceedings can be time-consuming and costly, and review removal is not guaranteed. Adhering strictly to Google's policies and guidelines remains imperative, increasing the likelihood of successfully resolving the issue.

How to remove photos from your Google Business Profile

To remove photos from your Google Business Profile, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Business Profile: Go to your Google Business Profile and sign in with the account you use for your business profile.
  2. Select your business: If you manage multiple business profiles, select the one from which you want to remove photos.
  3. Navigate to photos: From the menu, find and click on the "Photos" section.
  4. Choose the photo to remove: Browse through your photos to find the one(s) you wish to delete.
  5. you should be able to delete or remove it. This option might appear as a trash can icon or
  6. Delete the photo: Once you’ve found the photo, there should be an option to delete or remove it. This option might appear as a trash can icon or might be found by clicking on the photo and looking for a "Delete" option.

For photos uploaded by you, the process is straightforward. However, if the photo was uploaded by a customer or someone else, you might not be able to remove it directly.

In such cases, you can flag the photo for removal by Google if it violates Google’s photo policies. Here’s how:

  1. Flag the photo: Click on the photo you want to report, then look for a flag icon or a report option.
  2. Follow the prompts: Choose the reason you’re reporting this photo. Reasons can include its relevance to the business, offensive nature, or privacy violation.
  3. Submit the report: Complete the report and submit it. Google will review the report, and if they agree that the photo violates their policies, they will remove it.

Google reviews these reports to ensure that the flagged content violates their photo policies before removing it. The review process can take some time, so it may not be immediate.

Maintaining a curated selection of high-quality photos on your Google Business Profile is crucial for enhancing appeal and accuracy.

Google Photos was previously prone to spammy and irrelevant images, but uploading and showcasing compelling visuals is now worthwhile. These images can magnify your profile’s professionalism and attractiveness to potential customers.

Closing thoughts

Effectively managing Google reviews is essential for cultivating a positive online presence for your business. Despite Google’s provisions for reporting and removing inappropriate reviews and photos, the process can often be time-consuming and complex.

Enter Mirador Local — your solution for streamlined review and profile management. Its user-friendly dashboard empowers you to monitor your online reputation from a single platform effortlessly.

Book a Mirador Local demo today to unlock the potential of streamlined review management, ensuring your Google Business Profile always reflects the best of your business.