How to add social media profiles to Google Business

Breton Towler
May 10, 2024

4 min read

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How to add social media profiles to Google Business
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There’s no denying the transformative power of a robust social media strategy for businesses. It catalyses growth by allowing companies to engage with customers in new ways and raise awareness of the brand.

Local businesses must showcase their social media campaigns to online users, whether showing behind-the-scenes footage or launching a new product. This is why customers need to be able to access your social media channels directly from your Google Business Profile (GBP).

Google rolled out this feature in October 2023, which has significant implications for brand visibility and user interaction. Make your social platforms easily accessible by learning how to make your company’s social media links visible in your GBP.

Where do social icons appear on Google Business profiles?

The social media icons appear between the “Updates from” (insert business name) and “People also search for” sections of your GBP. You can add a social media link for each of the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • X (Previously Twitter)
  • YouTube
Get more business through using a range of social platforms.

Benefits of adding social media to your Google Business listing

While adding social media channels to your Google Business listing isn’t a direct ranking factor in Google’s local search algorithms, there are some of its key benefits.

Improved visibility

If Google deems your social media links authentic and consistent, it will include them on your GBP. Authentic means your profiles are approved and verified by the third-party software, while consistently ensuring your business name matches your GBP and social profiles. 

Accurate, authentic, and comprehensive business information breeds trust with Google, helping to improve your local rankings and drive quality traffic to your local business.

Customers can also quickly and easily share your business with their friends and followers, potentially boosting your reach.

Credibility & trustworthiness

Displaying correct and valuable information, such as your social media buttons on your GBP, can provide a great first impression and enhance customer trust. When they click on Facebook page and see you’re active and responsive on this platform, it instils confidence and highlights that you’re a legitimate and engaged business.

Higher engagement levels

Including linkable icons to your main social media platforms will expose online users to your other platforms. Every visual, from photos and videos to business updates and giveaways, has the chance to reach your target audience.

You can easily engage with existing and potential customers by directing online users to your social media posts. Once they’re in the marketing funnel, you can deliver content that resonates with and inspires them to take action.

Opening the door for customers to connect with you on their favourite platform is also a big tick in your customer service box.

Content sharing

Sharing important business content on your GBP through Google Posts like special events, holiday opening hours, and promotions is essential. However, your social media platforms offer another space to keep online users informed about your business, helping promote your content far and wide.

Get higher engagement levels by adding social profiles to Google Business.

How to add social media profiles to Google Business

Since it was only in October 2023 that Google rolled out this relatively straightforward update, it’s understandable if it slipped under your radar. Let’s see how GBP owners and managers can add social media links directly to their business profiles.

1. Sign in to your GBP account and click the “Edit profile” option.

2. Scroll down to your business contact information until you see the “Social profiles” section (just below the Website field).

3. Click the + “Add social profile button” and you will be able to select the social media platform you wish to link to.

4. In the “Web address” box to the right of your chosen social media platform, insert the link.

5. Click the “Save” button once you’ve added all your social media links to your GBP.

How to remove social media profiles on Google Business

Editing or removing social media links from your GBPs is even easier. If the web address needs updating, simply go into the web address field and replace the incorrect link with the right one. 

To remove a link, click the “Trash” icon next to the social media profile that needs deleting. Don’t forget to click “Save” once you’re done.

Closing thoughts

Adding social media buttons to your GBP makes your profile well-rounded and comprehensive. It can work wonders for your online presence, increasing your chances of appearing at the summit of the Google Map pack — a coveted spot for local businesses.

Customers expect to see social media links when they come across your GBP in local search results. It gives them multiple touchpoints to learn more about your business and makes finding and engaging with you through their preferred social media medium easier.

While it’s impossible to add various links from the same social media platform to a single platform, adding the same social media link to copious GBPs with Mirador Local is a breeze.

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