Black Friday deals we love in 2023

Gerry White
November 22, 2023

2 min read

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Black Friday deals we love in 2023
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We all love a good deal, and in the digital marketing world often folks have their best offers of the year this week! We will keep adding to this list as we spot more!    

1. Mirador Local  

Yes, we have a Black Friday deal!

Use the code blackfriday when signing up for 6 months at 50% come quick as this will expire end of the month.

2. Also Asked - 50% off Annual Plans  

AlsoAsked is doing 50% off annual plans starting Black Friday until 1st December.

All of the questions AlsoAsked returns are from real user searches that Google has grouped with the initial search.

Understanding the pain points, concerns and questions of searchers is the key to being able to produce helpful content and the basis for framing and building experience, expertise, authority and trust (EEAT).

3. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a comprehensive toolset for agency and in-house pros. It delivers unique data insights and flexible pricing plans designed with teams’ needs in mind.

Grab a 20% discount on yearly subscriptions, and for Black Friday, supercharge it with an extra 20% off!

SE Ranking has been an incredibly versatile tool which has huge amounts of underlying power, with site auditing and Looker Studio connectors it has become an increasingly popular choice.

4. Advanced Web Ranking  

I am not sure if AWR was the first tool, but it certainly is one of the most used over the years, I personally have been using it since 2008! It gives you some of the craziest access to data and allows you to pull more data into other tools.  "Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) is a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool designed to empower businesses and marketers in enhancing their online visibility and tracking their website's performance across search engines. With its comprehensive suite of features, AWR offers a multifaceted approach to managing and optimizing SEO strategies."

Advanced Web Ranking Black Friday Deal  

  • Pay for 10 months, get 4 free
  • 50% off applied monthly for the first 3 months
  • 24th - 29th of November 2023

5. Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights allows you to generate thousands of keyword ideas, group them into topical clusters. Get 50% off any annual subscription when you buy or upgrade. This is a Lifetime offer!

6. Sitebulb

If you've not tried Sitebulb already, it is truly one of the most comprehensive website crawlers and now with a cloud option, this has become the cloud based website crawler people are switching to in 2023. The comprehensive reports, visualisations and explanations that can be shared easily with teams and clients.  

30% Off Pro Yearly - Get 30% off any Sitebulb Pro Yearly plan, recurring for the entire duration of the subscription.  

20% Off Cloud Yearly - Get 20% off your first year for any Sitebulb Cloud Yearly plan - Small, Medium or Large.

7. Duda

Build high-performing websites at scale while reaching higher productivity with a customizable platform designed for agencies and SaaS companies.

Got a deal we've missed? Drop us a tweet!