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Casa de Montecristo

Derek Whitney, SEO Manager, Casa de Montecristo 

As the SEO Manager for Casa de Montecristo, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of managing multiple locations' digital presence on Google Business Profiles. Our search for an efficient and effective solution led us to Mirador, an enterprise tool that has transformed the way we manage our online presence across our cigar lounges. In this review, I'll share how Mirador has streamlined our internal processes and significantly improved our digital presence management.

Mirador's intuitive dashboard allowed us to consolidate our Google Business Profile management into one central location. The tool's seamless integration with Google ensured that we could easily update business details, hours of operation, and other pertinent information for all our lounges. This not only saved time but also ensured accuracy and consistency across our brand.

One standout feature of Mirador is its Google Posts management capabilities. With Mirador, we can create, schedule, and publish Google Posts for multiple locations simultaneously. This has allowed us to maintain an active and engaging presence across all our profiles, leading to increased visibility and customer engagement.


Another crucial aspect of managing our online reputation is responding to customer reviews and questions. Mirador's integrated review and question management system has made this process a breeze. Our team can now efficiently monitor and respond to customer feedback across all our locations from one platform, ensuring a timely and personalized approach to customer service.

Mirador has been a game-changer for Casa de Montecristo's digital presence management. The tool's comprehensive features and user-friendly interface have streamlined our internal processes and enhanced our online reputation.


We highly recommend Mirador to any business with multiple locations looking to optimize their Google Business Profile management. 

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