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Gibbs & Dandy, and the wider Local Merchant Group, have over 30 different locations across the country which can make any updates that need to be done a very time consuming task and so sometimes get pushed down the priority list due to a busy workload, but when we brought Mirador into the business this has changed dramatically!


Having everything you need to update and manage your Google listings in one place, as well as being able to do bulk updates to multiple listings in one go has made this task so efficient and has helped us to keep the information relevant and up to date for our customers to see. 


As the SEO Manager for Casa de Montecristo, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of managing multiple locations' digital presence on Google Business Profiles. Our search for an efficient and effective solution led us to Mirador, an enterprise tool that has transformed the way we manage our online presence across our cigar lounges. In this review, I'll share how Mirador has streamlined our internal processes and significantly improved our digital presence management.

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