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UTM Settings for Google Business Profile posts and updates

Overview of UTM parameters for Google Business Profiles for Google Analytics

For businesses utilizing Google Business Profiles to connect with their audience, understanding the performance of your posts is crucial. UTM parameters offer a streamlined way to track and analyze this data.

Mirador Local can automatically tag your posts with key details so you can track performance and even conversion from clicks into your own Google Analytics accounts, if you use another tool almost all can be configured to use UTM parameters.

UTM parameters are short codes added to the end of URLs that help you identify the source, medium, and other critical information about your web traffic. When applied to Google Business Profile posts, they enable you to track the effectiveness of your posts and campaigns.

UTM Parameters

  1. Source (utm_source): Identifies where your post's traffic originates, such as Google Maps, Google Search, or your website.

  2. Medium (utm_medium): Describes the type of content, e.g., "post" for Google Business Profile posts.

  3. Campaign (utm_campaign): Specifies the campaign or event associated with the post, allowing for targeted analysis.

UTM Paramters in Mirador Local are very simple - you can use pre defined variables to populate or modify it to how you want to track it in your Google Analytics account.

Paramters can be configured at a Mirador Account level for both your location links and your post links.

We typically only recommend configuring Source, Medium and Name but we've left the options for you to modify the others. From the menu click UTM Settings

Once configured, when you click a link from your Google Business Profile you will see the parameters automatically appended and attributed in your Google Analytics account.

UTM settings

Once configured, we wouldn't recommend changing them too much as this can impact your reporting.

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