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Mirador Accounts

Elements of a Mirador Account

Mirador Accounts* are what tie togethor all of your services, for Mirador Local to work you will need a Mirador Account with a subcription, a connection and a user.

A Mirador Account can have connections to multiple connections, which can be setup by different users. Typically a Mirador account will have a primary user called the owner who initially sets it up.

You can create multiple Mirador Accounts and switch between them within the top menu. For each Mirador Account you will need seperate billing setup. This allows agencys and consultants to help clients manage Mirador Local for clients to be able to add agencies.

We typically recommend a login for a Mirador Account uses Google login as this makes connections easier, however it is possible to connect with an email address and password as well.

Mirador Account Settings

Screenshot of a Mirador Account

You will see in the top right of the screen a link to settings, this will allow you to edit the Mirador Account you are logged into so you can rename it, typically this should be your brand name.


You can quickly add and remove users here, adding in the level of access you want for them, one user can be a user on multiple Mirador Accounts.


This is your connection to your Google Business Profile (GBP) Account, depending on how you configure your GBP account will depend on what you see here.

Additional Menu Tabs

You will see three additional menu tabs which are self explanatory

  • Billing - allows you to upgrade or downgrade as you need

  • UTM settings - these are for Google Analytics tracking parameters

  • Delete - Allows you to completely delete your Mirador Local account

*note in the alpha version of Mirador Local we called Mirador Accounts sectors

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