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Creating a Scheduled Post

Creating a scheduled post for either one, a group of locations a selection of locations or all your locations couldn't be easier, within the main menu click on Posts and then click on the new post button.

Post types

From here you have the option of the key post types

  • Basic Post - this is the type we would use for most informational content, including links to blogs, you can add a button to these as well.

  • Post contains event infromation - this requires a date range, with optional time as well

  • Post contains an offer - this allows you to put in elements such as a Coupon Code and redemption link,

We do also currently have in Covid-19 Warning, but this will likely be removed in the near future as Google no longer have this on the front end, we assume this will be removed from the API soon as well.

Add in an image or Video


  • Google only supports JPG or PNG

  • Images should be less than 5mb

  • Recommended 720 x 720

  • Minimum 250 x 250


  • upto 30 seconds long

  • upto 75mb

  • 720p or Higher

Summary field

This is a simple text field with a 1500 charachter limit, always make sure the most important information is at the front and you can add a link after to read more.


You can add an optional link or call button, almost all of them act similarly but you choose the link text from 5 options. If you use the 'call' option, it will insert your Google Business Profile number into the link, if your GBP does not have a phone number, no link / call button will be shown.

Schedule or post now

A key use of Mirador Local is scheduling, setting up posts to run over the course of campaign, pusing out messaging about instore sales, Black Friday offers or holiday updates, alternatively you can push out your posts immediately.


You will see that the time format is in the US standard & you can select it using the calendar feature, this is to match Googles systems, time zone should be set to your time zone but you can change it. Although you can set publish time to the minute, Google will not always show it immediately so if it is critical try to publish it earlier than is required.

Groups & Locations

You can choose which location(s) or which groups it will publish to, if you set it to publish immediately to a large number of locations, because of Google API restrictions it might take a small amount of time to be pushed through.

After you hit publish you will see scheduled posts on the next page, or published posts on the page after, along with the status.

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