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LocalBusiness Schema

When you organise and create content, it’s not just your human users you need to consider. Search engines don’t have the same intuitive and visual capabilities as humans, so they rely on a language called schema markup to interpret the information on a page.

This standardised vocabulary is one of the most powerful but underutilised forms of SEO. You need to speak the language search engines use — our free schema generator will ensure your content communicates effectively with search engines.

Local businesses that adopt schema markup are rewarded with richer results, meaning your content is presented in a more prominent and visual way in the SERPs.

Let’s discover how Mirador Local’s schema markup generator tool does the hard work by adding the necessary structured data to your website.

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<script type="application/ld+json">


"@context": "", "@type": "LocalBusiness", "name": "", "image": "", "@id": "", "url": "", "telephone": "", "address": { "@type": "PostalAddress", "streetAddress": "", "addressLocality": "", "postalCode": "", "addressCountry": "" }



  • Use our schema generator tool to generate perfectly formatted JSON-LD structured data for any webpage in minutes. You can then easily copy and paste the code into your pages.

    All you have to do is fill out the displayed fields with relevant information about your page (e.g., Business name, Page URL). Then click “Generate” and insert the script element in either the head or body of the page.

    If you want an easy way to get ahead in today’s local SEO landscape, try our free schema generator. It’s an easy way for all your business locations to generate all kinds of valuable schemas that will help them connect with their local community, get noticed by search engines, and boost SEO rankings & CTRs. 


  • Schema markup is essential as it provides search engines with more accurate and comprehensive information about your content. If search engines can understand the context of your pages, they can deliver more relevant and useful information to users.

    Imagine being a local restaurant and wanting to bring in more footfall from the local community. The schema markup will consist of specific attributes and values that describe the content in a structured format. This results in helpful information for the user — opening prices, reviews, prices, and signature dishes.

    Even though schema markup isn’t a direct ranking factor, there’s a good chance that incorporate this best technical SEO practice will be favoured by Google. It gives them (and other major search engines) an easier job of indexing your content and returning more informative results for users. By enhancing the overall search experience, you can expect to improve your ranking, visibility, and CTR (click-through rate) organically.

  • Let’s consider why it’s better to use a local business schema generator rather than relying on a development team.

    Many local businesses don’t have the knowledge or resources to create the structured data themselves. Our free online schema generator automates the process, saving you significant time and money. Factor in the constant alterations to the markup and the requirement to update it on the site regularly, and you can quickly see why manually adding schema becomes frustrating.

    By swiftly generating powerful JSON-LD schemas for your events, products, and operations, you can quickly attract more visitors and boost your sales conversions. Feed our schema markup generator with the necessary information, and you’ll have a high-quality schema for any application or page within minutes. From articles and products to recipes and reviews, you can ensure visitors receive what they’re looking for without scrolling through pages filled with irrelevant content.


  • Local businesses can utilise any of Mirador’s free local SEO tools anytime.

    Deploying local business schema on your site helps visitors find your specific product or service by enabling search engine crawlers to comprehend who you are and what you do. The schema markup generated from our schema generator tool will better optimise your website for local SEO — a deciding factor in how your content fares in local search results.

    Better still, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the structured data applied to your business website has been correctly formatted and is relevant to search users.


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