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QR Code Generator

You can create a QR code in seconds by copying and pasting your desired URL into our QR generator for free and clicking ‘Generate’.

Copy it for instant use in your marketing campaigns, or right-click and save it for future use.

How to generate a QR code with Mirador

QR codes increased in prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic when touchless transactions became necessary. Now, they’re everywhere. From billboards and business cards to restaurant menus and property marketing, many innovative uses are being found for QR codes. 

Integrating QR codes is pivotal for local SEO, as it offers a one-step process to direct potential customers to discover important business information. This could be a marketing campaign, landing pages, the precise location of your business, or a business review so they can check out other customer experiences. They can even be used as part of an access control system so you can manage entry to your business premises. 

Mirador provides a free QR code generator as part of its free tools for local marketing. This allows local SMBs, franchises, and multi-location businesses to easily incorporate QR codes into their existing marketing materials, product packaging, and signage without spending a penny. 

Let’s learn more about QR codes and how you can create them easily for free with our QR code link generator. 

  • QR code stands for Quick Response code and was developed by a Japanese Automotive Company Denso Wave in 1994. It looks and works like a barcode, but processes the information much faster, taking only a matter of seconds. Our safe QR code generator initiates a QR code that safely and securely stores the data you want your customers to be able to access instantly.

    Most modern smartphones and tablets have the necessary technology to scan a QR code (via the camera app), allowing the user to open a URL that appears on their screen. Behind these encrypted symbols is information about a product or service, or even access to discounts, links, and vouchers. Older devices may require users to download an app through the app store.

    Every QR code is unique, but how do they streamline the user experience and ensure customers quickly get the information they need without requiring any additional support?

  • A QR code is processed using a forward error correction code called Reed-Solomon error correction.

    This is already available in our smartphone cameras, so the camera will automatically interpret the code and display the  content, such as accessing social media platforms or taking contact-free payments.

  • QR codes can be customised to suit your specific needs and save the user the hassle of having to typing the link out themselves.

    Ten innovative uses of QR codes for local marketing include:

    • in a jigsaw puzzle

    • in museums and art exhibitions

    • in magazines and newspapers

    • in train stations and bus stops

    • on car windows in local dealerships

    • on coffee cups at the local coffee shop

    • on event tickets

    • on t-shirts and clothing

    • on wedding invitations

    • on wine bottles.

    To embrace the benefits of Mirador’s free QR code generator, consider the ways your local business can utilise QR codes and you’ll soon discover that you can’t do without them.

    Outrank your competitors in Google search results by generating a free QR code for your page today.

The benefits of using QR codes

QR codes now enjoy widespread commercial use. They have a positive impact on online visibility, entice new customers, and generate more sales for local businesses.

Let’s look at how our QR code generator can be one of the most effective local marketing assets you can use. 

  • QR codes are simple to use and provide convenient and quick access to business information for customers with a smartphone. They are far more engaging than flyers, posters, or simply telling people about your local business. QR codes also bring a sense of anticipation and humanise the customer experience, igniting their affinity with your brand.

  • Data encoding in QR codes is stored in a grid-like pattern, ensuring efficient data encoding and retrieval by allowing for two-dimensional reading (horizontal and vertical information). This means they can store far more information than a barcode, typically up to 7089 digits or 4296 characters in the form of an image, video, URL, etc.

    As an added bonus, they’re much smaller in size, too, taking up minimal space on your leaflets, menus, and product pack.

  • The QR code generated from the URL to the QR code generator can hold so much information, making them extremely versatile to many business applications.

    The link could be a page on your website, a social media profile, or direct Wi-Fi access and network sharing (no need to type long passwords).

  • Physical materials like posters and leaflets will inevitably expire. When the time comes to take them down and replace them, you will have to factor in hiring and printing expenses.

    Local businesses can benefit from QR codes, but a QR code generator for free can help bridge the gap between offline and online marketing without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s a cost-efficient method to offer phygital consumer experiences, as the QR image allows for updatable embedded data. This means you can update the digital content when required, for example, if you change your menu or need to display a new movie poster.

  • User experiences are enhanced by the accessibility and simplicity of using QR codes. With a quick scan, customers can enjoy a better purchasing process through quick and easy access to relevant and engaging content.

    Consumers can easily reach your goods or services, so interaction is instant, whether it’s accessing product information, customer support, or making a payment.

  • Touchless interactions associated with QR codes are not just great for preventing the spread of infection but are typically much faster. For example, restaurant diners can browse menus and make payments without holding a physical menu or card machine.

    Contactless payments are typically speedier than cash or magstripe card payments, and come without the worry of prying eyes looking at the PIN being entered.

    The capacity to quickly send and receive data at speed is paramount. You’ll have quickly accumulated a happy customer base who benefit from shorter waiting times and fewer hoops to obtain information, place an order, or make a payment.

  • Every QR code is unique, which enables you to evaluate its effectiveness through trackable metrics. Gauge comprehensive data about target audience behaviour patterns and strengthen your marketing initiatives to convert visitors into paying customers.

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