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Mirador Free Tools 

Mirador has a plethora of free local SEO tools to help you connect with and engage localised searchers. Our plugins and resources can be invaluable to your local SEO workflow by saving you time and hassle, improving efficiency.


Our free local SEO tools empower you to make informed SEO decisions. This could be collating important insights to fuel your local marketing strategy, or generating a QR code to give customers quick and easy access to your business content.


Explore and utilise our comprehensive local SEO tools for your business profile to claim more local search visibility and gain traffic. Alongside our QR code generator, which improves customer accessibility and draws audiences into your marketing campaigns via a one-step process, we also offer a local business SEO schema creator


While it may seem simple for search engines to understand and find all the key information about your business, adding local schema markup to your coding is imperative. However, it can be time consuming and involves using numerous resources. It will usually require analytics, content, digital marketing, IT, and SEO experts to get their heads together to make sure it’s done well. 


Keep your eyes peeled on this page as we add more free SEO tools to our collection. With Mirador, you can effectively manage your Google Business Profile listings and improve local search visibility. 

Generate QR codes effortlessly with our user-friendly QR code generator service. Customize, encode information, and download high-quality QR codes in seconds for your business, marketing, and personal needs.

Effortlessly create structured data markup, enhancing search engine visibility and engagement. Boost SEO and user experience today.

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