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     Mirador Early Access

  • Manage up to 100 Locations**

  • Publish and schedule listing changes in bulk

  • Manage user reviews and questions with ease

  • Monitor Google suggested changes

  • 3 user seats & baseline customer support


(+ VAT)
+ 14 days free

Join the limited time Alpha

Mirador, your new way to manage all your Google Business Profiles.

Mirador is an all-in-one Google Business Profile management suite, allowing you to take control of your brand's map and local presence. Turn your multiple Google Business Profile listings into a high-performing local search weapon, and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

  • Organize, schedule, and publish Google Posts across your network.

  •  Manage your listing business information (including scheduled and temporary opening hours changes, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Eid).

  • Manage your local customer service by actively responding to public reviews and questions.

Simplified GBP Management

You can categorize your listings your way, choosing to publish posts and changes to as many, or as few listings as you desire.


You can simplify your customer service by storing response templates for positive and negative reviews, as well as identify and respond to unanswered user questions effectively.

The Alpha launch plan is for businesses with up to 100 locations (100 GBP profiles), but if you need more, please get in touch

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